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Citizens of Los Angeles have already contributed millions of dollars to humanitarian relief and redevelopment efforts in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza. Much work remains to be done, however, and we ask you to support ongoing fundraising efforts. Go »

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Featured Event: "Covering Lebanon: Media and the 2006 War"

April 3, 2007 (Tues), 9 am-6 pm—"Covering Lebanon," Conference on Media and the Recent War at UCLA

UCLA Faculty Center, California Room. Several panels and a concluding roundtable will examine how the U.S. media presented the war in Lebanon, in contrast to international media representations.

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Featured Article
The New Creative Destruction

By Mark LeVine
August 22, 2006, Asia Times

If there is one question one could ask Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah today, it would be this: When did you begin planning for the reconstruction of south Lebanon? Before you kidnapped two Israeli soldiers on July 12, or only after it became clear how much of south Lebanon Israel was willing to destroy to "win" its war against you?

Either way, it was the latest master stroke in a string of decisions that have confounded Israel, the United States and the world at large. Indeed, while critics of the Israeli invasion claim—with increasing evidence—that Israel planned the attack well in advance (even with the support from the administration of US President George W. Bush), it now appears that it was Hezbollah that suckered Israel into a war for which it had perfectly planned each component: the bait—the kidnapping of two soldiers; the military tactics - tunnels, missile barrages and advanced anti-tank weapons; and the post-fighting reconstruction—a large-scale effort that only Hezbollah, and not the feckless Lebanese government, is capable of undertaking.

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 The Thinking Lebanese
Reflections on policy and the Lebanese experience.
"Watching Lebanon"
by Seymour Hersh
New Yorker

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